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Product Description

Casio G-Shock Mudmaster x Burton Quartz Black Dial Snow Camouflage Resin Strap Men’s Watch GG-B100BTN-1AER RRP £379

The limited edition Casio G-Shock watch GG-B100BTN-1AER fuses the ultra-ruggedness of the Mudmaster GG-B100 with a style inspired by snowboarding in the mountains. The piece has been made in collaboration with Burton who design and sell products for winter sports. From getting the most out of every journey to chasing snow around the globe, Burton have charged ahead to innovate and change the way people enjoy the outdoors since day one.

The Case:

The case uses the signature thick signature resin case seen among many G-Shock watches. The case features the new carbon core guard structure which allows for a durable yet lightweight protection to the dial. The structure also features four screws with go through right to the case back for even more durability. This new structure allows the watch to be a worthy companion on the slopes with protection against; low temperature, mud, shock, vibration and water. The case features the G-Shock logo as well as labels for the buttons in a snowy white base with one of the labels in a pink accent. The case features a glossy finish which gives off an impression of tiny snowflakes in the right light. It over looks the sapphire crystal glass which is resistant from scratches, good for any beginners on the slope. On the reverse of the case in the Burton mountain logo in a debossed style.

The Strap:

The camouflage print on the resin band is based on the snow-covered trees of the British Columbia forests and the work of snowboard photographer Dean Blotto Gray. The Burton mountain logo appears debossed on the band keeper. A two pronged buckle can then be securely fastened to sit comfortably on you wrist.

The Dial & Functions:

The large white indexes are what first grabs the attention on the dial, of which are complemented by black hands with a white outline. A thin bar stretching from the 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock position features both the Burton and Casio logo. A black digital dial sits at the bottom of the dial which displays the day and date on the default setting. To be able to be a worthy companion on the slope the watch needs to be built for survival in some of the more unpredictable parts.

A built-in pressure sensor measures barometric pressure, which is converted to relative altitude. This will allow you to see how high you are above sea level and allow you to dictate whether you need to come down a bit as the oxygen starts to thin out. As mentioned, the built in barometer allows you to see weather patterns and predictions helping you to decide whether to hit the slopes or stay in the warm log cabin. Furthermore, a compass function is built in to show you magnetic north as well as your current direction, brilliant for the twisting and turning runs.
Everyday Use:
The watch also has features which can be used on a daily basis for those who prefer to stay at ground level. The watch has a airplane mode which can be turned on and off when flying or in a medical facility. Five daily alarms can be set which will sound each day at the time set as well as an hourly indicator on the dot. A battery level indicator allows you to make sure your watch is working when you need it the most, with each battery having a 2 year life span. Bluetooth connectivity is used for those who always seem to misplace their phone with a ‘find my phone’ function. Another brilliant feature is a step counter which has a maximum capacity of 999,999 steps should you so require it. Finally, this combined with the stopwatch function make the watch useful for a leisure or high intensity sport.

To allow for easy visibility at all times the watch features a hand shift function as well as illumination functions to light up the dial.

Key Features:

200m Water Resistant +-15 Seconds Per Month Airplane Mode
Alarm Function Altimeter Function Auto Calendar
Resin Band Barometer Function Battery Level Indicator
2 Year Battery Life Bluetooth Connectivity Magnetic Sensor
Pressure Sensor Accelerometer Gyrometer
Carbon-Reinforced Resin Casing Compass Function New Carbon Core Guard Structure
Countdown Timer Day/Date Display 55.4 x 53.1 x 19.3 mm
Hand Shift Function Display Illumination Low Temperature Resistant
Mineral Glass Mud Resistant Mute Function
Neobrite Shock Resistant Step Counter
Stopwatch Function 92 Grams Triple G Resistant
Vibration Resistant World Time

The Family: G-Shock

At a time when watches were seen as fragile, delicate instruments, Casio’s head of watch design, Kikuo Ibe, set out in 1981 to create “a watch that doesn’t break, even when dropped.” After 200 prototypes and two years of development, the Casio G-Shock was launched in 1983. Gaining its now legendary toughness from Ibe’s revolutionary decision to suspend the module inside a hollow rubber structure, the G-Shock has been the go-to name in superbly durable and precise wristwear ever since.

The Brand: Casio

Casio was established in 1946 by Japanese engineer Tadao Kashio. The company entered the timepiece market in 1974 with the release of the Casiotron, the world’s first Auto Calendar watch. Only eleven years after entering this field, Casio completely reshaped global thought about the function a watch should perform with the release of the pioneering and now legendary G-Shock family. Innovation and world firsts have defined the company’s history ever since. Thee most striking of these being the release of the first ever touch screen watch in 1991, 24 years before the Apple Watch, and the first ever wrist camera watch in 2000. In short, Casio was producing smartwatches decades before the term came into use. Add to this the hipster popularity of the company’s retro designs, and Casio has firmly cemented its reputation as a famously reliable and precise name in both analogue and digital watches.

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