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Rosefield The West Village Blue Gold WBUG-W70

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ROSEFIELD The West Village Blue Gold  WBUG-W70


The iconic and traditionally rebellious neighborhood of the West Village – a nonchalant area with European flair – is the inspiration behind this collection. The watch has a slender case and velvety nubuck leather strap. Special details stand out, like the delicate metal rings decorating the strap. Unique to each strap color, the rings amplify the vintage-chic character of the WEST VILLAGE.


Ultra-thin 7mm gold-plated case. Diameter: 33m


Blue unstitched genuine nubuck leather strap including plated rings.The strap can be easily adjusted to a minimum length of 12 cm and a maximum of 16 cm. Interchangeable with other straps within the Upper East Side, West Village, Tribeca and September Issue collection

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