Gems Design

Bespoke jewellery is truly exclusive and Gems Jewellers are delighted to be able to offer this service.
We provide a personalised, unique product stylised to your individual requirements.

We have skilled designers along with the latest in jewellery design technology on site to ensure that we can create jewellery that is truly unique!

Gems Jewellers is leading the trend towards computerised custom design with the Gem Vision Design Studio that includes Matrix 3D Jewellery Design software. This state of the art system allows customers to see a 3D model of their design from every angle before it is even made.

Details can be seen on screen and to scale so you get exactly what you are looking for. Whether you want to remount an outdated ring or custom design your dream necklace, creating it with CAD-CAM is the most accurate way to do it.

When the customer is happy with their design in Gemvision Design Studio it is time to bring the design to reality.

Gemvision's Matrix 3D Jewellery Design Software can produce a precise, three-dimensional model of the piece enabling creative flexibility and variation along the way. When designing with 3D CAD you are able to see how all the components of the design relate to one another. You control all aspects of the gem size, setting depths, prong thickness, metal weight and more. The model can be rendered to look like a photograph of the finished piece in any view or colour.

With 3D CAD your pieces are no longer subject to someone else's interpretation.Computer-aided modelling of jewellery typically falls into two opposing categories: Making an existing design ready for CAM output, or creating a completely new design. Often, designers want to create, explore and refine design; yet that typically takes more time and requires a higher degree of computer skills. Creative modelling balanced with the need to make a precise model quickly couldn't be found in the same software package...until now.

Utilising years of input from the best CAD modellers in the industry as well as our own development team, Matrix provides users with the fastest way to replicate existing pieces and explore new designs while allowing that process to take many creative paths.

With History built into models, exclusive "Style Sheet" functionality, a host of new tools, and a streamlined interface with new viewport controls, we think you'll agree: this is the most efficient, flexible, and creative way to create a bespoke piece of jewellery.

This is a unique service that other jewellers and retailers simply cannot offer!