Gems Jewellers Valuations Service

Gems Jewellers are a member of the Guild of Valuers & Jewellers, the UK's leading specialist in jewellery valuation and registration services.

Gems offer a range of valuation services for both jewellery and related items, including secure registration of valuables and advice on caring for items of jewellery. We can even offer free help to customers making an insurance claim for jewellery.

Did you know...

"more than 30% of people are under-insured on their home and contents insurance, resulting in low claims payouts? At the Guild of Valuers & Jewellers we strive to offer the very best in jewellery valuation, registration, and advice services."

Having an up-to-date valuation is vital to ensure that you're jewellery and other items are properly insured and protected.

Make sure you're protected should the worst happen, and have your jewellery valued by an expert.