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Wishing Tree Bracelet

Wishing Tree Bracelet made Sterling Silver with Irish Gold and a Corundum Sapphire.

The Inspiration For The Wishing Tree Collection Is The Trees Of Ireland. In Particular The Game Of Throne’s Famous Dark Hedges. The Branches Are An Integral Part Of The Design. The Celtic tale involves tying a loose knot in a branch as one makes a wish. When the wish is fulfilled, the knot is untied and a gift is left to thank the tree.

House of Lor is a unique collection of Irish Jewelry, an exclusive piece of Pure Irish Gold at every design’s heart.  Each piece has a precious amount of rare Irish rose gold woven into its heart – the same gold from deep beneath the Irish hills, which was fashioned over 2000 years ago into the artefacts now housed by the National Museum of Ireland. Irish Gold is exclusive to House of Lor under license from the Galantas Mining Corporation, based in County Tyrone.

Our Gold is mined and crafted in Ireland. Celebrating the rich history and culture of Ireland in each design. House of Lor takes inspiration from the natural world we all occupy. We are proud to offer the only jewellery collection in the world made using rare Irish gold in every piece.

All of our jewellery is authenticated and hallmarked by the Assay Office in Dublin Castle, which ensures its distinctly Irish providence. Your independent guarantee is that your purchase is certified, and it’s an assurance of the quality of the materials used in your purchase.

Behind every piece is a story. What will yours be?

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Dimensions 190 × 20 mm



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