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Celtic Harp Pendant

Our Celtic Harp Pendant made in Sterling Silver and Irish Rose gold, the strings made from Rare Irish gold. The chain is 18″ and includes a 2″ extender if you need to shorten it. The pendant is 20mm x 20mm approx.

The Celtic harp is the official emblem of Ireland, an instrument connected to the history of the Island of Ireland. You can find the harp symbol in many official documents, organisations and corporations. The Guinness label is one of the most popular worldwide, representing its connection with the Island. The traditional Irish harp’s complex characteristics are their tensioned strings in a triangular piece of wood that produce a beautiful melody played with the fingernails.

Our Gold is mined and crafted in Ireland. Celebrating the rich history and culture of Ireland in each design. House of Lor takes inspiration from the natural world we all occupy. We are proud to offer the only jewellery collection in the world made using rare Irish gold in every piece.

All of our jewellery is authenticated and hallmarked by the Assay Office in Dublin Castle, which ensures its distinctly Irish providence. Your independent guarantee is that your purchase is certified and it’s an assurance of the quality of the materials used in your purchase.

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Dimensions 17 × 18 mm


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